Top 15 Argan Oil Benefits for Face & Hair

Top 15 Argan Oil Benefits for Face & Hair

Argan oil is generally derived from the Argan plant which is generally found in Morocco. It has received its share of accolades due to the astounding ability it possesses against skin and hair problems. There are only two to three oily kernels that can be found in the nut of an argan plant. They have anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties. Being anti-oxidant in nature, they can ensure elimination of free radicals which is the primary factor for aging. They can also prevent infections, as they are also anti-bacterial in nature. The Argan oil benefits include numerous hair and skin. They can effectively help in tightening of the skin and impart a smooth and supple feeling to the skin. Argan oil for the face can help in removal of scars and can give it a refreshing feel. On the other hand, due to the presence of an omega-6 fatty acid as one of its components, it can nourish the hair roots, significantly making them strong and healthy. Argan oil for hair can help in removal of dandruff from the scalp which is considered as a precursor of hair fall. Some of the argan oil benefits are as follows:

Prevents Aging

Mankind has always been on the hunt for agents that can prevent aging. Though there is no such ‘philosopher’s stone’ that can prevent aging for eternity, argan oil can come to our aid at least partially. Argan oil benefits include protection for hair as well as skin. They are a rich source of Vitamin E and are a natural antioxidant that can help fight free radicals which are considered the primary factor for aging. Argan oil for skin help in fighting against wrinkles and skin changes and can also impart a youthful glow to the skin. Argan oil for hair can also produce a magical spectacle due to its caliber to prevent hair fall to a very old age.

Treats Acne

Argan oil for the face can produce a magical display. They are considered an effective neutralizer against various kinds of skin problems as they can moisturize the skin making it smooth and supple. Argan oil benefits include treatment of acne and removal of acne scars. Argan oil for the face can prevent acne due to its ability to regulate sebum production, over-production of which is the primary reason for acne formation. They are also a good option in the treatment of skin inflammation as they contain linoleic acid.

Moisturizes The Facial Skin and Lips

Use of argan oil for face and skin can be considered as a great option as they can moisturize the skin quite effectively. Argan oil benefits include moisturizing benefits for the face and skin due to which the facial skin becomes plump and smooth. It also comes in handy during the winter season when the lips become dry and cracked. The application of argan oil on the face and lips can prevent the dryness associated with them and give a rejuvenating feeling.

Promotes Healing

Argan oil benefits include faster healing of wounds. The effectiveness of argan oil in the treatment of skin problems is based on the fact that it is a rich source of flavonoids and Vitamin E. The oil has a nature of getting quickly absorbed by the skin which in turn nourishes the skin surface. The presence of Vitamin E as a component of argan oil helps in the production of new cells which in turn can heal wounds faster. It can also be counted against cuts and bruises and can help in the prevention of infections. Argan oil for face is an interesting option for healing of facial scars. 

Prevents Skin Diseases and Scars

Argan oil benefits also include protection against various kinds of skin diseases and are not limited to healing. Apply it on the skin gently on the affected areas. As already mentioned earlier argan oil for the face can perform the role of a natural moisturizer and can make the facial skin smooth and supple. In addition to its healing properties, the ability to decrease the appearance of various kinds of skin diseases on our facial skin is considered to be of immense help. It can also remove stretch marks in case of women post pregnancy and can restore the skin to its original condition. Its ability to remove scars can be further proven by the fact that it finds use in case of removal of acne scarring which can be a hard scar to remove.

Helps Tighten the Skin

As we grow older our skin starts sagging which makes us look even older. The skin starts to sag due to the reduced production of collagen and weakening of muscles. Argan oil for face on the regular application can stand ground against such kind of a problem as it is capable of formation of collagen which in turn has the ability of skin tightening and imparting flexibility to the skin. We just need to apply a few drops of oil on the skin and massage it in a circular motion. Argan oils benefits include tightening of the skin which can help remove its loosening.

Repair Cracked Heels

Other than being beneficial for the facial skin, argan oil benefits include repairing cracked heels. During the winter season having cracked heels is a common phenomenon in case of women. Individuals who do not take precaution from an initial stage develop severely cracked heels and are left embarrassed by exposure of their heels in front of people. There are various advertisements of creams in the television ensuring restoration of cracked heels but many among them are advertising gimmicks and we end up losing our precious money. In the face of such uncertainties, the usage of a natural product like argan oil can be considered a very viable option. We just need to add a few drops of the oil onto the affected area which will slowly but steadily result in the restoration of the cracked heel and make it smooth and soft with time.

Combats Infection

Argan oil is anti-bacterial in nature. Due to its anti-bacterial properties, this oil is perfectly suited to the cause of fighting infections which may be bacterial or viral in nature.  Argan oil benefits must also find special mention in case of removing foul odor coming from the foot or socks of individuals which is the indirect effect of such kind of bacterial infections. All that is required to be done is to apply a few drops of this oil on the affected area and the rest will take care of itself. Argan oil for the face can play an effective role in combating skin infection.

Shaving Cream Substitute

Argan oil benefits also include prevention of dryness of the skin.People who are involved in office work have to get into a habit of daily shaving as they must look clean and fresh while visiting their work premises. Daily shaving with a shaving cream may make the skin dry and deprive it of the required moisture giving rise to rashes. In such a situation we can use argan oil for face to get rid of the unwanted dryness. Adding a few drops of this golden oil can not only make our facial smooth but can maintain the moisture content of the skin for a certain duration of time.

Repairs Damaged Hair

Argan oil benefits also include repair of damaged hair strands. In the current scenario, women face a lot of instances related to hair damage due to the complexities that surround us like the increased concentration of UV radiation and harmful air pollutants. In addition to these outside pollutants, the use of shampoo having harmful chemicals may further add to our woes. Individuals looking for a way out of such situations visit the salon and try costly treatments which may not be effective all the time. In such a moment of crisis, the best possible solution would be to try a natural way. Argan oil for hair preceding shower can help in protecting our hair all day long and prevents the hair from getting hydrated which in turn can protect the hair from possible damage.


Argan oil for hair also helps in hairstyling that has become part of our identity in urban and professional life. They keep our hair compact and settled which help in adoption of different hair-styles. Argan oil benefits include repair of split-ends in addition to giving them a straightened appearance. Before styling apply a few drops of this golden oil on the hair right up to its tip. This can ensure easier handling of the hair. They can also impart a natural glossy look to the hair content which can make us look attractive in front of people.

Hair Conditioner

Argan oil for hair is also equally effective as a conditioner. We can apply this oil to the hair both when wet and dry. Being a rich source of Vitamin E it can promote hair growth in one hand and protect from the suns UV rays on the other. The use of shampoos which are full of synthetic chemicals is also responsible for damaging the texture of the hair. Argan oil benefits include repair of damaged hair texture and restoration to the original condition.

Helps in Prevention of Dandruff

Argan oil benefits include protection of the scalp from dandruff. Dandruff is considered as the precursor to hair fall as the skin becomes dry only when it does not receive its proper share of nutrients. As the scalp gets drier, it results in the formation of dandruff which ultimately results in untimely loss of hair. After washing our hair with a shampoo and rubbing them off with a towel we must allow the hair to dry for some time. After the hair dries up we must apply argan oil on the scalp for ten to fifteen minutes in order to prevent dandruff. Argan oil for hair can be considered as an effective neutralizer against dandruff.

Protects Against Hair Loss

A very common problem haunting mankind is the curse of hair-loss. An individual may even lose his self-confidence and go into depression due to such a situation. Argan oil for hair is so beneficial that it may even prevent hair loss. It prevents the different pollutants from sticking to the hair and can protect the hair from direct contact with the various pollutants in our surroundings. Argan oil benefits include protection against hair loss giving it a fresher look. We must message the hair and scalp right up to the tip in order to reap its benefits.

Improves Hair Texture

The repairing qualities of argan oil can be attributed to the fact that it is a combination of various important fatty-acids such as omega-6.Argan oil for hair possesses remarkable ability to nourish the hair roots with essential nutrients which can help in improving the texture of the hair and facilitate a thicker volume. Argan oil benefits include its ability to improve the texture of hair significantly.